Small Kitchen Ideas to Create a Foodie Dream Space

Farm Sink Kitchen

A deep sink and high-arc faucet are just two ways to transform your kitchen

Cozy kitchen designs can be fabulous. When upgrading fixtures or tackling a remodel, improve the efficiency of the space by installing sleek, stylish features with innovative functionality. With a little DIY know-how and inspiration, it's simple to use these small kitchen ideas to create a culinary dream space.

Improve kitchen safety with a pot filler. Trying new recipes and hosting a dinner party to share with friends is delightful. Consider installing a wall-mount pot filler behind the cooktop to make filling stock pots for boiling pasta or creating homemade soups fast and convenient without carrying a heavy, full pot of water across the kitchen.

Install a filtered water dispenser. This small sink add-on ensures a fresh consistent supply of purified water for cooking or drinking. A built-in filter eliminates the need for a large water cooler, space to store jugs of water, lugging water home from the store or refrigerator space for bottled water. Plus, filtered water just tastes better.

Turn glass jars into kitchen storage accessories. Revamp the look of the kitchen by using various sizes of clear glass for pasta sauce, baby food or salad dressing jars to showcase most-often used pantry ingredients. Dried beans, noodles, spices and grains displayed on kitchen shelves highlight a cooking passion and add a modern, resourceful vibe to the quaint space.

Add a garbage disposal. Along with cooking comes clean-up. Before loading the dishwasher, give each plate and pot a quick rinse in the sink. Food-clogged pipes and kitchen odors are less likely with a garbage disposal. As a bonus, whisked-away foods won't get sealed in the kitchen garbage bag and add to the local landfill.

Indulge in a deeper sink. No space for a dishwasher in a galley kitchen? Invest in a kitchen sink with a basin large enough to submerge colanders, saucepans or blender carafes to easily soak away cooked-on foods and dried smoothie residue, making dish washing much easier.

Get a butcher-block countertop. Install this wooden substrate on a small section of the kitchen workspace and it becomes a multi-tasking center. In addition to being able to slice and chop with ample room, hot dishes directly from the oven can rest on the wood without melting or scorching the resilient surface. Plus, butcher block adds a pro-kitchen vibe to the room.

Choose a high-arc faucet. Is it troublesome to get juicer accessories, stock pots and pitchers under the current kitchen faucet? Upgrading to a high-arc style that swivels instantly takes out the guess work of making large kitchen accessories fit in the sink when washing and filling. For added luxury and cleanliness, choose a faucet with hands-free motion-sensing technology to keep germy fingers off levers and reduce water waste.