Hands-free Convenience.

MotionSense™ technology responds the instant you need it, delivering exceptional, hands-free convenience in the kitchen.

Moen MotionSense


Two Sensor

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MotionSense Two Sensor

MotionSense Wave™

One Sensor

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MotionSense One Sensor
MotionSense Wave™

Touchless Technology


Wave Sensor

Pass your hand across this convenient sensor to activate water flow. Wave again to turn it off.

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Ready Sensor

Simply place your hands, a dish or a glass below the spout to start the flow of water. Pull away, and the water stops.

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standard handle operation


Available Finishes

Chrome Oil Rubbed Bronze spot resist stainless
Chrome Oil Rubbed Bronze spot resist stainless

Cost Range

Dollar Dollar Dollar
Dollar Dollar


MotionSense features two unique sensors that intuitively understand what you're trying to do and act like another set of invisible hands – turning water on and off just when you need it.
Hands-free convenience when you need it. MotionSense Wave single-sensor faucets allow you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand.

MotionSense Benefits

Making your everyday easier.


It’s simple to interact with the user-friendly design


MotionSense gives you the flexibility to complete a variety of tasks with speed and efficiency.

Germ Control

Hands-free operation helps you control the spread of germs. And means your faucet needs less cleaning.

Water Savings

With sensors that deliver water only when you need it, MotionSense is designed to minimize waste.

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