7 Brilliant Design Ideas for a Modern, Efficient Kitchen

Sleek Chrome One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Sleek Chrome One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet demonstrates how a high-end fixture contributes to today's modern kitchens.

Kitchens are going luxe and they're becoming more modern than ever. The latest kitchen trends include high-end fixtures, high-tech amenities, chef-grade appliances and much more. Here are some modern kitchen ideas that will achieve a sleek design and make cooking a breeze.

1. Light your kitchen right

Lighting is especially important in the kitchen, where you'll need proper general and task lighting for washing, chopping and cooking food. Some examples can include recessed ceiling lights on a dimmer that can adjust to your needs, decorative pendant lamps over an island for additional ambient and task lighting, and under cabinet as well as interior cabinet lights.

2. Go for no-touch faucets

Convenience is key in the kitchen. While your layout should be efficient and work well for your everyday use, consider other conveniences such as hands-free faucets that can help you prepare food or wash dishes faster.

No Touch Kitchen Faucets

3. Throw in a smart sink

Today's selection of modern sink fixtures not only feature an elegant shape or beautiful finish, but some smart versions are designed with storage space for washing or drying dishes or produce and a more accommodating low profile that makes filling or washing large pots easier.

4. Get smart with a smart refrigerator

Think about form and modern function when choosing your refrigerator, and make your refrigerator a smart refrigerator. Today's models for smart refrigerators have become the modern household hub, where you can use a touchscreen to access recipes and an electronic bulletin board or remotely control the temperature and door via Wi-Fi.

5. Select next-gen kitchen appliances

When it comes to the oven, homeowners want the best quality they can find. Some are going for professional, chef-quality showpieces, such as a steam oven for faster cooking and easy maintenance or a high-tech oven with touchscreen panel that alerts your smartphone when your meal is ready. These newer models offer the utmost in efficiency as well as a clean, modern look.

6. Add built-in storage

Keeping your kitchen clean is made simple with built-in storage ideas that conceal clutter and rubbish in style. Options range from cabinets and drawers with custom organizers for dishes, pantry items and utensils to pull-out waste and recycling bins tucked inside the cabinetry.

7. Kitchen TV

Just like the kitchen is the heart of the time, TVs have become an integral part of the kitchen, as most people don't want to miss their favorite cooking or TV shows while they work (or eat). A wipeable, waterproof TV meant for kitchens and baths is a better choice for a space that experiences high heat, humidity and plenty of spills.

These modern conveniences are not only make life easier, but they can also enhance your kitchen design. When you design your kitchen, select fixtures and details that are as durable as they are attractive so it performs well for many meals to come and stands the test of time.