As the #1 faucet brand in North America, it is our responsibility to serve as stewards of water resources and reduce the environmental impact of our products, while delivering the high level of performance you have come to expect from Moen. From hands-free faucets to water filtration, Moen has created water delivery systems that incorporate technology to maximize performance and minimize waste.


bathroom faucets

Eco Friendly Bathroom Faucets

Optimizing water flow without sacrificing performance. All of our new bath baucets feature a 1.5 gallon per minute (gpm) flow rate which uses up to 32% less water, while still maintaining the same great performance you expect from Moen. The result is significant water conservation, faucets that are certified to meet WaterSense® criteria, and contribution towards maiximizing LEED® points.

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kitchen faucets

Eco Friendly Kitchen Faucets

Moen is dedicated to designing kitchen faucets that fit your life and drive innovation. Our high-performance, water-efficient kitchen faucets have a multi-function spray wand featuring water-saving settings that use up to 32% less water.

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shower and spa faucets

Eco-Performance Shower Heads

With a Moen Eco-Performance showerhead, you can use up to 30% less water without sacrificing performance. You'll find products throughout our showering portfolio — including wall-mount, hand shower and rainshower showerheads that are certified to meet EPA WaterSense criteria. These also contribute towards maximizing LEED points.

About ASSE1016: Moen Posi-Temp® and Moentrol® valves with composite spools combined with Moen's Eco-Performance showerheads meet the performance requirements of pressure and temperature variation of ASSE1016 when tested as low as 1.5 gpm.

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Moen Filter Faucets

Plastic water bottles are becoming more of a problem to our global environment, every day. Earth-conscious customers can now turn to AquaSuite, our single-handle filtering faucet. It's installed in a single hole adjacent to the primary faucet and provides a quick source for filtered water.

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m-pact faucets


Our innovative M-Pact common valve system allows you to change your faucet style easily without replacing any plumbing. This design reduces consumption of raw materials by reusing the installed valve.

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Looking to learn more? You can discover specific eco friendly Moen products to help you conserve water. We also offer helpful tips that are simple to do so that you can make a positive impact on our environment today.