Three Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Jack and Jill Bathroom

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While Jack and Jill bathrooms save space, they often pose unique design challenges.

Let's be honest, everyone would love to have their own private bathroom. Unfortunately, that's just not realistic for most people, so finding a way to ensure equal access to the one room in the house that everyone needs is a major priority. If space is limited in your home, the Jack and Jill bathroom could be an ideal solution that balances access and privacy.

If you're unfamiliar with the Jack and Jill bathroom, it's simply a bathroom that's accessible from two different bedrooms. While this can be a great space saver, it does pose some unique design challenges. Below are three bathroom ideas to help you make the most of this unique arrangement.

1. Double Your Design

It may seem obvious, but the fact that Jack and Jill bathrooms are intended for two people should inform every aspect of your design. Double sink vanities are a common choice in Jack and Jill bathrooms because they provide individual sinks as well as ample storage so that each user has their own designated space for toiletries and other items.

pedestal sinks double bathroomAnother option is to use two narrower single sink vanities, or even two pedestal sinks with individual medicine cabinets. This will ensure that the two primary users won't be fighting over counter space but may not be as streamlined as the double vanity. Whichever option you go with, choosing the right fixtures and finishes will go a long way toward making the space feel unique.

2. Reconsider the Tub

Unless you have young children or a special need for a bathtub, going with a standing shower could be an effective way to maximize the space in your Jack and Jill bathroom. While nothing can quite compare to a deep soak in a hot bath, a well-designed shower can be both elegant and luxurious.

Consider adding the U by Moen digital showering system, which allows you to control the temperature, timing and length of your shower from your smart phone. U by Moen is an ideal addition to a Jack and Jill bathroom because it gives multiple users the ability to save their shower settings.

3. Plan for Privacy

wood floor double bathroomBalancing privacy with access is important in Jack and Jill bathrooms. If space allows, one option that many people choose is to keep the toilet and/or shower and bath separate from the sink and vanity. A discreet pocket door is a simple way to keep these areas separate so that someone can brush their teeth while someone else is bathing without causing an issue. If there is no space for keeping the toilet and bathing areas separate, you should at least invest in locks for both doors. Your houseguests will thank you.