It all started with “Al”

On a typical Seattle night in 1937, a young Al Moen was cleaning up after an evening of work when he went to wash his hands at an old-fashioned two-handle faucet. A sudden burst of hot water made him jump back in alarm and this moment of surprise turned out to be the inspiration for the single-handle faucet - an invention that would revolutionize plumbing.

Al Moen turned a problem into a solution, and his commitment to finding a better way continues to be as important to Moen's work now as it was to Al then.


Al Moen burns his hands, inspiring him to find a better way to deliver water.


Al Moen finalizes his invention.


Manufacturing begins on the first of Al Moen's single-handle faucets. The first 12 faucets off the line are purchased for $12 each.


Moen gains national recognition by supplying single-handle faucets for Hotpoint's first pre-fabricated kitchens.


Moen enters the upscale faucet market with its introduction of the Boutique line.


Moen introduces its two-handle faucet line with a patented, washer-free cartridge.


Moen introduces the patented 1225 Magnum non-metallic cartridge, impervious to corrosion and mineral build-up.


After 45 years and more than 75 patents altering the course of plumbing history, Al Moen retires.


Extensive research and analysis culminates in the introduction of the Monticello bath faucet line, surpassing the industry.


The revolutionary LifeShine non-tarnish finish is introduced and Moen becomes the first manufacturer to offer all its polished brass products with a lifetime finish.


Moen continues to innovate, by introducing the Pure Touch filtering faucet system, the first product to combine the convenience of a pullout faucet with a water filtration system.


Moen introduces mix and match designer finishes, giving customers more than 1,000 finish combinations.


The vertical spa experience is introduced, offering customized valve, body spray and shower choices.


Al Moen passes away.


Moen is selected as the 2010 WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year. Also this year, Moen introduces the SpotResist Brushed Nickel and Stainless finishes.


Moen introduces MotionSense faucets perfecting hands-free convenience in the kitchen.


We've been creating innovations that enhance people's lives for 75 years. It's a principle that's at the core of who we are, and it serves as the foundation for every faucet and feature we design.

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