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Inspired Innovations

At Moen, we put the consumer at the center of our design process.
Their needs and insights drive the development of delightful,
innovative products that help to make every day tasks just a little bit easier.

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See new ways to turn your day-to-day tasks into extraordinary experiences.

in the Kitchen

By paying close attention to how you use your kitchen, Moen develops innovations that make your everyday activities simpler.


Hands-free convenience

MotionSense responds the instant you need it, delivering exceptional, hands-free convenience in the kitchen.


A truly user friendly experience

The Reflex ® system is designed to give you an exceptional range of motion combined with great self-retracting action

The Birth of a Faucet

See how a Moen faucet comes to life by way of expert artists and extensive testing in our unique design process.

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The Moen Story

See how Moen's consumer-focused philosophy began by taking a common problem and designing an extraordinary solution.

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