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Before-and-After | Nancy H.

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My Remodeling Goal

Our goal was to align our kitchen with the rest of the beautifully modernized 1860's farmhouse. In contrast, the "highlights" of the kitchen included a countertop cutting awkwardly across the bottom of an old-glass window, busy purple and beige wallpaper, and dark cabinets sticky from years of cooking sausage with a poor exhaust fan. Our goal was to make the large, centrally located kitchen the focal point of the house, a room that took your breath away but was entirely functional. Our final goal was to do all of the work ourselves; the only paid labor was $150 for drywall taping.



Tips and Advice from My Remodeling Experience

We recommend having friends or relatives who are handy and hard-working. We also recommend living close to a hardware store for everything from drywall screws to drop cloths. Ironically, we recommend having a reliable crockpot for numerous meals of pulled pork and chili simmered in rooms other than your intended kitchen. Finally, plan the "big picture" in advance, but leave the finishing details open to adaptation, serendipity, and desperate creativity. You will amaze yourselves. We admire our wonderful kitchen every day, after enjoying it for more than two years already.

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