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Before-and-After | Ben S.

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My Remodeling Goal

The goal was to update the kitchen and improve it's function. The house was an old cheese factory that had been neglected for 50 years. My partner and I love cooking and wanted a stylish, easy to use kitchen that flowed with the rest of the house. The flooring was the first to go. We decided to replace appliances and lighting second. I added recessed lighting fixtures to illuminate the cabinets. Lighting was also installed under the cabinets. I removed the counter top and replaced it with a new textured granite style one. The a granite composite sink replaced a stainless steel one.



Tips and Advice from My Remodeling Experience

Write down all the things you use the space for if it was your IDEAL space. Then try to incorporate them into what you have to work with. Take your time, If you can't afford to do it all, don't buy cheap things, do it right the first time. With all the new improvements my kitchen is now a part of my home and is the center of all activities within the house. It's truly a space I love to work and live in.

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