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Before-and-After | Anne P.

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My Remodeling Goal

I did a whole house remodel and the kitchen was completely moved into another floor of the house. I used all Moen fixtures in the new kitchen and three new bathrooms. My contractor hand built all the cabinetry out of Fir and I tongue oiled them. The floor is ash. Granite counter tops have an antiqued finish.



Tips and Advice from My Remodeling Experience

The best advise I have is to know your contractor. Personally I didn't know this person. He had an excellent reputation and I was told was expensive. I appreciated that he and I could work together, he was open to my suggestions and I appreciated his suggestion, after all he had a lot of kitchens. When he gave me a quote it never came in higher and I appreciated that. After seeing the quality in comparison to other houses I go into, I realize you get what you pay for. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

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