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Before-and-After | Ginny L.

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My Remodeling Goal

Our remodeling project consisted of combining a very small bathroom in the master bedroom with a small adjacent walk-in closet. We needed a way to combine those two small rooms and reconcile the need for closet space we would lose in the remodel. We had a large living room adjoining one of the walls in the bedroom which gave us an idea. We would take two feet off the end of the living room and make a closet the full width of that wall on the bedroom side. Then we could combine the old closet and old bathroom into one modern bathroom. We would not only gain closet space but also provide a modern bathroom without compromising the existing bedroom space. We also added a pocket door with obscure glass in the new bathroom plan to conserve bedroom space and let in more natural light from the bedroom windows. After numerous trips to our local hardware and specialty stores we gained knowledge of what was available and became more comfortable about the decisions we had to make on the items we needed to purchase.



Tips and Advice from My Remodeling Experience

One of our tips to prospective remodelers is to think beyond the box and assess available space that can be used more effectively. Taking a few feet off the living room for us solved our closet problem and allowed us to utilize the two adjacent spaces to create the bathroom of our dreams. Working with our contractor and sorting out options before any work began allowed us to envision the possibilities. It is always best to make some preliminary sketches and be prepared to compromise when unexpected obstacles are uncovered during the demo phase. Always have a plan B and use a contractor that is willing to make field changes when obstacles are encountered. Do your homework in picking out items and stay ahead of your contractor as a lot of items must be ordered and have 2 – 3 week lead times. Don't rush the project to completion….a few extra weeks of disruption will be worth it in the long run.

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