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Before-and-After | Christopher L.

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My Remodeling Goal

We renovated our 1972 bath/dressing area to update flooring, fixtures and cabinets, open up the space, increase storage and improve lighting while keeping costs low by performing most of the work ourselves. Beginning with a detailed plan and a budget, we accumulated major items on sale such as tile, cabinets and lighting. In order to stay within the existing footprint, we built a large marble shower instead of a tub with a separate shower. To create an open feeling, we installed pedestal sinks and reworked the closets using wire shelving and French doors to maximize storage and light.



Tips and Advice from My Remodeling Experience

The biggest rule in performing a successful remodeling project is to plan ahead and then plan again. Design details matter when determining materials, maximizing cost and eliminating many problems during construction. Thinking outside the box will put some originality into the finished renovation. Buying major items when on sale can reduce costs and allow for flexibility in the design. Know your limitations and use professionals when needed. Use the existing room footprint if possible and limit moving major fixtures such as toilets. Be flexible, patient and exact. Think things out.

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